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    Falling For The Picasso Hype?
    Date: 6 Jul 2006 | Views: 9620
    Christie's has been hyping the sale of an expensive Picasso owned by Andrew Lloyd Webber. But maybe it's not a very good Picasso. "Lloyd Webber recently suggested to Bloomberg that his sale announcement would be 'the biggest news in the art market in 30 years.' Why does it matter if someone actually falls for such hype? After all, the proceeds will reportedly go to a good cause the education of young performers. The problem is that feverish prices pose a threat to the longterm health of the art market. The acquisition of lesser works for exorbitant amounts is the art trade's version of 'irrational exuberance.' It can only set the stage for the next correction. More...
    The Museum Will Be Podcast
    Date: 6 Jul 2006 | Views: 9369
    Thanks to podcasting, it's becoming as easy to download a museum visit onto a portable digital audio player as it is a pop tune. And museums, realizing this is a way to reach a younger generation of potential patrons, are racing to get involved. They are making their in-house audio tours of special exhibits, as well as original programming, available on their websites for free use on iPods and other MP3 players. And art lovers can listen through their home computers as well. There's even a newly coined term for the phenomenon - 'artcasting'. More...
    Expert Says Met's $50 Million Painting Is A Fake
    Date: 6 Jul 2006 | Views: 7526
    When the Letropolitan Museum bought Duccio's Madonna and Child last year for a reported $50 million, the painting was hailed as a masterpiece. Now James Beck, a leading art historian and Professor of Art History at Columbia University in New York, believes that the painting, which the Met dates to 1300, is not by Duccio at all. It is a fake based upon indications found in works by or associated with Duccio. It is not even a good forgery. More...
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