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    Early American Silver: 1670-1820 at Christie's

    Date: 18 Jan 2007 | | Views: 7318

    NEW YORK - This January Christie’s presents Early American Silver: 1670-1820 -January 18. The sale of Early American Silver which opens the Americana sales at Christie’s on January 18 is exemplary in that is the first such dedicated sale to be staged at Christie’s in nearly fifteen years. Led by two extraordinary collections, silver from the First Church in Salem and a collection of silver from the Darling Foundation of New York State Silver, the sale presents collectors with one of the most extraordinary offerings of 18th century silver to be seen on the market in recent years. (Separate release available)

    The Clarke/Cabott Family Tankard: A Magnificent Baroque Silver Tankard Mark of John Coney, Boston, 1690-1710 - Estimate: $150,000-300,000.
    The First Church in Salem, was founded in 1692 and is the oldest continuing Protestant society in America. The silver, through its donors, represents virtually every aspect of early New England history, bringing to life the important theological, political, and intellectual movements of the Colonial and Federal Periods. Silver, equivalent to currency in the 17th and 18th centuries, was originally given to the Church in the spirit of financial support and it is hoped that the sale of these bequests will help preserve this extraordinary and historical institution.

    Leading this collection is a magnificent Baroque silver tankard with the mark of John Coney, given to the Church by Elizabeth Clarke Cabott in 1784. This richly decorated tankard employs the full vocabulary of ornament found on Boston tankards in the baroque period (illustrated right, estimate: $150,000-300,000). An interesting historical note is that Elizabeth Clarke Cabott’s brother, Richard Clarke, was one of the consignees of the tea destroyed in Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party, the pivotal Revolutionary protest of 1773.

    An extraordinary collection of early silver from New York State comes from the Darling Foundation of New York State Silver, formed in the 1950’s by Herbert. F. Darling (1905-1968) of Buffalo. Mr. Darling made his greatest contribution to the field of study with the publication of New York State Silversmiths in 1964, a publication that has remained the essential reference book on the subject and an indispensable guide to students and collectors of New York silver.

    Leading the Darling Foundation’s collection is The Douw Family Teapot: an important silver teapot with the market of Tobias Stoutenburgh, circa 1730 (estimate: $150,000-250,000). Rich with Dutch-style engraving, this is an exquisite example of early New York silver.

    Source: artdaily.com

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