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    Sotheby's To Launch mySothebys
    Date: 27 Feb 2007 | Views: 5689
    LONDON, ENGLAND - This spring, Sotheby’s will launch mySothebys, a powerful new Web experience on sothebys.com delivering dramatically enhanced online services to Sotheby’s clients. More...
    5000 Years of Chinese Art and Culture
    Date: 27 Feb 2007 | Views: 5257
    SANTA ANA, CA.- Bowers Museum of Orange County, celebrated for bringing the world’s spectacular collections to Southern California, presents “Treasures from Shanghai: 5000 Years of Chinese Art and Culture,” featuring 77 sets of objects from the Neolithic period (circa 3000 B.C.) to the Qing dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.). More...
    Western Collectors Swarm Chines Art
    Date: 27 Feb 2007 | Views: 4136
    Recently I received an e-mail message from a curator friend inquiring about a painter and sculptor named Liu Wei. I had included his work in a show I organized in Turin called “AllLookSame?” that featured pieces by young Korean, Chinese and Japanese artists... More...
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