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    Russian Paintings & Works of Art at Christie's
    Date: 31 Mar 2007 | Views: 8280
    NEW YORK - Christie’s spring sale of Russian Paintings & Works of Art in New York on April 18 will present collectors a wide range of works from the great masters of Russian painting, as well as a strong selection of top decorative works of art, including rare pieces of Fabergé, Imperial Porcelain, and bronzes. More...
    Leaving Room for the Troublemakers
    Date: 29 Mar 2007 | Views: 20272
    LAST May, a 30-something American curator named Chris Gilbert stormed off his job at the Berkeley Art Museum in California. He left in a dispute over a word. More...
    Van Houten Collection of Whistler Prints at Sotheby's
    Date: 29 Mar 2007 | Views: 5622
    NEW YORK - On Thursday, May 3, 2007, Sotheby’s will offer for sale James McNeill Whistler prints from the collection of Dr. George S. van Houten, a great admirer of the artist’s achievements in printmaking. More...
    Billionaire Declines Venice Guggenheim Partnership
    Date: 26 Mar 2007 | Views: 3923
    LONDON - The French billionaire and owner of Christie’s, François Pinault, is refusing to collaborate with the Guggenheim Museum to establish a new modern art museum in Venice—despite a ruling by the city council that the two parties should collaborate. More...
    Picasso, Warhol tops in art sales of 2006
    Date: 25 Mar 2007 | Views: 5646
    Art lovers around the world continue to treasure the works of Pablo Picasso, who once again reigned over an annual list of the world's bestselling artists. More...
    19th Century European Art and Orientalist Art at Christie's
    Date: 24 Mar 2007 | Views: 76281
    NEW YORK - On April 12, Christie’s New York will present 19th Century European Art and Orientalist Art, focusing on European and American painters who discovered and expressed the enigma and lushness... More...
    Rescued Bacon items to go on sale
    Date: 22 Mar 2007 | Views: 3798
    Paintings by Francis Bacon and items belonging to the artist that were rescued from being thrown away about 30 years ago are to be sold at auction. More...
    High Hopes for a Rothko Painting at Auction
    Date: 22 Mar 2007 | Views: 3737
    Better known as a prolific donor — especially to his cherished Museum of Modern Art — David Rockefeller has decided to throw his hat into the auction arena, selling a seminal painting by Mark Rothko for what the auction house hopes will be more than $40 million. More...
    Return of 1,400 Artefacts to National Museum of Afghanistan
    Date: 22 Mar 2007 | Views: 3709
    KABUL - Some 1,400 Afghan ethnographic and archaeological objects, preserved since 1999 at the Afghanistan Museum-in-Exile (Bubendorf, Switzerland) under the aegis of UNESCO, were handed over to the National Museum in Kabul on 16 March. More...
    Despite Foes, Buffalo Museum Makes $18 Million in Auction
    Date: 21 Mar 2007 | Views: 3635
    The first in a series of sales of antiquities from the collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo made more than $18 million yesterday at Sotheby’s, providing a substantial boost to the museum’s endowment but saddening a group of patrons who have protested the decision to sell. More...
    Britain Reexamines Its Slave-Trade Past
    Date: 21 Mar 2007 | Views: 4099
    LONDON — The way history has long been taught here, Britain’s abolition of the slave trade on March 25, 1807, allowed it to claim the moral high ground in the struggle to end slavery in the New World. More...
    Why Picasso Was Obsessed With Rembrandt
    Date: 21 Mar 2007 | Views: 9397
    In April, 1973, the month that Picasso died, he was asked to choose an image to be used as a poster for a show of recent work at the Palace of the Popes, in Avignon. He picked “The Young Painter,” an oil sketch he’d done a year earlier, at the age of ninety—a vision of his dewy beginnings, not his bitter end. More...
    Husband of late curator convicted in Hermitage art theft
    Date: 16 Mar 2007 | Views: 3976
    ST. PETERSBURG — The husband of a late curator at Russia's most famous museum was convicted Thursday in the theft of dozens of art objects and sentenced to five years in prison. More...
    Vandals Cover Up Nudes In Oslo Park
    Date: 16 Mar 2007 | Views: 4721
    Oslo woke up Thursday morning to find the nude sculptures in a beloved park mysteriously censored with black paper bars. More...
    Prices Tempt Museums To Sell
    Date: 16 Mar 2007 | Views: 4428
    Recent deals have revealed a struggle over the ownership of community-beloved art. More...

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