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    The New (Anonymous) Subversive Public Art
    Date: 6 Apr 2007 | Views: 3421
    Graffiti is the most prolific - and enduring - genre of public art. Although its association with vandalism tainted its early modern life, it is rapidly being accepted as a genuine form of art, exhibited in museums and even coming under the high-class hammer at Sotheby's in recent years. More...
    Sale of African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art at Sotheby's
    Date: 6 Apr 2007 | Views: 7213
    NEW YORK - On May 17, 2007, Sotheby’s New York will hold its various-owners sale of African, Oceanic and Pre-Columbian Art, a historically rich offering including traditional and ceremonial works of art ranging from Nigerian and Central African to Mexican and Peruvian. More...
    Sale of Photographs at Sotheby's New York
    Date: 5 Apr 2007 | Views: 26361
    NEW YORK - Sotheby’s April 26th sale of photographs from various-owners will feature a selection of outstanding works by many 20th-century photographers, including work from the early part of the century, fashion photography, as well as an assortment of notable contemporary photographs. More...
    Man damages Old Master painting at Milwaukee Art Museum
    Date: 5 Apr 2007 | Views: 3561
    A man put his foot through a $300,000 painting Wednesday afternoon at the Milwaukee Art Museum and told museum workers later that the image disturbed him. More...
    Mystery of Great Pyramid 'solved'
    Date: 2 Apr 2007 | Views: 3032
    A French architect claims to have solved the mystery of how Egypt's Great Pyramid was built. More...
    Highest Result for a Sale at Sotheby's Amsterdam
    Date: 1 Apr 2007 | Views: 3118
    AMSTERDAM - An international crowd showed great interest during the sale An Important Private Collection from Hanover that was held in Amsterdam on 27, 28 and 29 March 2007. More...
    One Picture, 1,000 Tags
    Date: 1 Apr 2007 | Views: 3813
    Strolling through a museum, a painting of a shipwreck catches your eye. You are struck by the dominance of blue in another work. Yet another painting, featuring a silvery moon, seems sad. More...

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