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    Philly Suburbs in Bid to Keep Barnes
    Date: 25 Jun 2007 | Views: 3571
    The Barnes Foundation, whose suburban gallery holds a world-class trove of Cezannes, Picassos, Renoirs and van Goghs, has long claimed poverty as justification for breaking the will of its late founder and moving the art collection to downtown Philadelphia. More...
    Isn't There Something Better Than Biennales?
    Date: 25 Jun 2007 | Views: 3788
    Whether you think of it as a harmonic convergence, a cattle call, or a clusterfuck, every ten years the Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Documenta, and Sculpture Project Münster open one after the other over the course of a week. More...
    Art Sales Put London in Catbird Seat (and New York on Notice)
    Date: 25 Jun 2007 | Views: 3909
    LONDON — High prices are everywhere in this city, from real estate to restaurants. While most Americans may be daunted by the weak dollar, the international rich, aided by tax advantages, aren’t deterred. More...
    London Market Surprises
    Date: 25 Jun 2007 | Views: 3494
    Prior to London's art auctions last week, there was every reason to think that the sales would confirm the emergence of a truly global art market, in which the same faces appear in different places and Chinese contemporary art is purchased everywhere — except in China. More...
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