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    Seducing France Into Affairs of the Art
    Date: 24 Jul 2007 | Views: 3953
    PARIS — With the Louvre receiving more than eight million visitors last year and other French art collections drawing millions more, further incentives would hardly appear necessary to attract people to the country’s museums. More...
    Woman Kisses, Damages Painting
    Date: 24 Jul 2007 | Views: 3798
    A woman who says she was so overcome with passion for a valuable painting on display in France, has been charged with criminal damage after kissing it. More...
    More Than 155,000 Visitors to Frida Kahlo Exhibition
    Date: 24 Jul 2007 | Views: 21907
    MEXICO CITY - The Frida kahlo exhibition at the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes has had more than 155,500 visitors so far, confirming its importance and success it has had with the public. More...
    Most Important Viking Treasure in 150 Years Found
    Date: 24 Jul 2007 | Views: 3509
    LONDON - A major Viking hoard was discovered in the Harrogate area in January 2007 by metal-detectorists David and Andrew Whelan. The size and quality of the hoard is remarkable, making it the most important find of its type in Britain for over 150 years. More...
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