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    Nude Carla Bruni Photograph to be Auctioned at Christie's
    Date: 28 Mar 2008 | Views: 20095
    Swiss photographer Michel Comte, author of the image of Carla Bruni in the nude says he has more explicit pictures but that he will not sell them. More...
    Print Auction at Sotheby's Featuring Important Works from Private and Institutional Collections
    Date: 28 Mar 2008 | Views: 5676
    The May 1 and 2 sale of Prints is distinguished by a strong selection of important works from private and institutional collections. More...
    Christie's Rediscover Watteau's La Surprise - Lost and Unseen By The Public For 200 Years
    Date: 27 Mar 2008 | Views: 18103
    Christie’s announce the rediscovery of La Surprise by Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684-1721). More...
    The Ruination Of An Art Dealer
    Date: 26 Mar 2008 | Views: 4144
    Why is an El Greco worth less than a Koons? Gallerist Larry Salander called it a moral travesty, and decided, catastrophically, to do something about it. More...
    Looking for Owners: Custody, Research, and Restitution of Art Stolen in France Opens
    Date: 26 Mar 2008 | Views: 31706
    The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, presents Looking for Owners: Custody, Research, and Restitution of Art Stolen in France during World War II, an exhibition tracing the story of works of art looted by Nazi forces in France during the Second World War. More...
    Weak Dollar, Asian Buyers Aided Christie's Sales, not Sotheby's
    Date: 26 Mar 2008 | Views: 3287
    Christie's International chalked up the biggest totals ever for its New York Asian art auctions last week as stocks tottered. Not so Sotheby's. More...
    Christie's Russian Art Presents Important Russian Art Paintings
    Date: 26 Mar 2008 | Views: 5425
    Following the success of the November 2007 London sales which totaled £42.9 million, Christie’s is pleased to announce its Russian Art sale on April 18 in New York. More...
    The Art Gallery of New South Wales Acquires Mars and the Vestal Virgin by Jacques Blanchard
    Date: 25 Mar 2008 | Views: 5881
    The Art Gallery of New South Wales has acquired an important 17th century painting Mars and the Vestal Virgin by Jacques Blanchard, who was one of the most important Parisian painters of his time. More...
    Art Funds Expand in Middle East, Asia as Hedge Against Slowdown
    Date: 22 Mar 2008 | Views: 3912
    Art investment funds are expanding in emerging markets such as the Middle East, India and Asia in an attempt to weather an economic slowdown. More...
    Baghdad museum to stay closed despite renovation
    Date: 21 Mar 2008 | Views: 3080
    Baghdad's National Museum, a treasure trove of artifacts from the stone age and Babylon to the Assyrians and Islamic art, will not reopen when renovation of two of its galleries is completed in a few months, an official said. More...
    Online Fake Art Fraudsters Busted In Space
    Date: 21 Mar 2008 | Views: 4455
    At least 1,000 collectors duped into buying fakes
    Fraudsters used eBay to target victims worldwide More...
    Record Set For A Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting at Auction
    Date: 19 Mar 2008 | Views: 3497
    Sotheby’s fifth sale of Contemporary Art Asia: China Korea Japan in New York brought a solid $23,210,525 (est. $23.1/33.4 million) and was highlighted by Zeng Fanzhi’s Mask Series No. 11, 1996, a triptych showing the strivings of individualism amidst the communist collective... More...
    Monet, Rodin Among Masterpieces Stolen Near Paris, AFP Says
    Date: 17 Mar 2008 | Views: 3478
    Armed thieves stole about 30 masterpieces, by Monet and Rodin among others, from an art dealer's home near Paris, Agence France-Presse reported, citing the police. More...
    The Confusion Of American Art
    Date: 17 Mar 2008 | Views: 4488
    With over a century of works and full of surprises, a fascinating show reveals how American painting finally broke with Europe More...
    Important Chinese Rhinoceros Horn Carvings from the Songzhutang Collection at Christie's Hong Kong
    Date: 15 Mar 2008 | Views: 9125
    Christie’s announced that it will offer Important Chinese Rhinoceros-Horn Carvings from the Songzhutang Collection on May 27 in Hong Kong. More...

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