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    Pictures Belonging to Lord and Lady Attenborough to be Offered for Sale at Sotheby's
    Date: 4 Aug 2009 | Views: 2259
    Sotheby’s London announced that it will offer for sale a group of Pictures from the Collection of Lord and Lady Attenborough on Wednesday, November 11, 2009. More...
    A Legacy of War: Fake Art in Vietnam
    Date: 3 Aug 2009 | Views: 2519
    Even the director of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum here doesn’t know how many of the artworks and artifacts under his care are genuine and how many are extremely skillful copies. But he says he is going to try to find out. More...
    Lehman Mounts Art Bargain Auction With Lichtenstein, Bourgeois
    Date: 3 Aug 2009 | Views: 2194
    Roy Lichtenstein’s 1982 print of the Statue of Liberty, once wall candy at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., is expected to contribute about $30,000 to the bankrupt company’s coffers when it’s offered for auction in November. More...
    Babylon's Ancient Wonder, Lying in Ruins
    Date: 3 Aug 2009 | Views: 2656
    Maytham Hamzah cast his eyes toward the remains of King Nebuchadnezzar's guest palace in Babylon, one of the world's first great cities. He smiled, bitterly. More...

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