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    Solid Sales throughout the Week at TEFAF Maastricht Boost Market Confidence
    Date: 27 Mar 2011 | Views: 2704
    Following a very strong start to TEFAF Maastricht, which takes place at the MECC (Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre) in the city of Maastricht in the Southern Netherlands between March 18-27, 2011, sales continued throughout the first week with visitor numbers remaining high and dealer confidence strong. More...
    Claude Monet's Les Peupliers" Set to Fetch $25 Million at Christie's Auction in New York
    Date: 26 Mar 2011 | Views: 2506
    A pristine Monet masterpiece from the artist's celebrated "Poplars" series will be featured at Christie's in May, when it is expected to sell for as much as $30 million, the auction house said on Friday. More...
    List of looted antiquities finally released
    Date: 25 Mar 2011 | Views: 2277
    On 15 March Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities issued a revised list of objects stolen from Cairo’s Egyptian Museum on 28 January. On 2 February, minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass, who has since resigned, reported that there had been no thefts. More...
    London dealer returns stolen icons
    Date: 25 Mar 2011 | Views: 2149
    Richard Temple had bought the works in good faith. More...
    Mexican Government Says $4 Million Maya Sculpture Sold in Paris is Not Pre-Hispanic
    Date: 24 Mar 2011 | Views: 2303
    In relation to the auction of archaeological pieces held in Paris, France on Monday, March 21, by the Binoche–Giquello auction house... More...
    Sotheby's to Offer for Sale The Celebrated Collection of Stuart Cary Welch
    Date: 21 Mar 2011 | Views: 2571
    Sotheby’s will offer for sale the outstanding and scholarly collection of Islamic and Indian Art assembled by the late Stuart Cary Welch. More...
    Christie's to Hold Spring Sale of Outstanding Swiss Art at the Kunsthaus Zurich
    Date: 20 Mar 2011 | Views: 3046
    Christie’s spring sale of Swiss art at the Kunsthaus Zurich on 21 March 2011 will bring together outstanding works from famous artist fathers and their equally famous sons. More...
    Experts from the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts Discover Rare Van Dyck
    Date: 19 Mar 2011 | Views: 2389
    "The Virgin and Child with Repentant Sinners" was not a copy of Van Dyck and did not deserve to be in the basement of the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. More...
    Sotheby's Sale of Property from The Estate of Queen Juliana Raises More Than ˆ5 Million For Charity
    Date: 19 Mar 2011 | Views: 2424
    Sotheby’s four-day sale of Property from the Estate of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands concluded today, raising more than ˆ5 million for charity, well in excess of the pre-sale estimate of ˆ1.5 million. More...
    The Auctions No Artist Wants To Be In—Or Do They?
    Date: 18 Mar 2011 | Views: 2380
    Art auctions are, supposedly, exciting. Nobody told the two dozen or so buyers gathered for the Christie's sale of contemporary art last week. More...
    British Museum buys Assyrian treasures cleaned by Agatha Christie
    Date: 9 Mar 2011 | Views: 2264
    The crime writer used face cream to restore the ivories discovered in the city of Nimrud by her archaeologist husband More...
    Michelangelo's David 'could collapse due to high-speed train building'
    Date: 8 Mar 2011 | Views: 2741
    Michelangelo’s statue of David is at risk of being toppled by the construction of a high-speed railway line beneath Florence because of his flimsy ankles. More...
    Sotheby's Contemporary Turkish Art Auction to Be Headlined by Mubin Orhon Paintings
    Date: 8 Mar 2011 | Views: 6963
    Sotheby’s announce that its annual Contemporary Turkish Art Auction in London on Thursday, 7th April, 2011 will this year feature an exceptional collection of paintings by the modern Turkish master, Mubin Orhon. More...
    Sotheby's Offers the Greatest Collection of 20th-Century British Art Ever to Come to the Market
    Date: 7 Mar 2011 | Views: 2696
    Sotheby’s London announced the sale of the greatest collection of 20th-Century British Art ever to come to the market: The Evill/Frost Collection, a stand-alone three-part sale which launches with an Evening Sale on Wednesday 15th June 2011. More...
    Chinese artists fight studio eviction
    Date: 7 Mar 2011 | Views: 2315
    Ousted artists protest in style More...
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