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    And you think you knew the 'Mona Lisa'
    Date: 18 Aug 2011 | Views: 1932
    This much is well established: On Aug. 21, 1911, an Italian house painter named Vincenzo Peruggia, who had briefly worked on a project at the Louvre, walked out of the Paris museum with the celebrated masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. More...
    Museums’ fine art of protecting masterpieces
    Date: 18 Aug 2011 | Views: 2926
    Four-and-a-half months after she was charged with trying to tear a Gauguin painting from a wall in the National Gallery of Art — and just three weeks after she was released from St. Elizabeths Hospital — a Northern Virginia woman was arrested in a similar assault on a work by Matisse at the museum. More...
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