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    Sotheby's Hong Kong presents two contemporary ink art exhibitions on view 7 to 28 June

    Date: 10 Jun 2013 | | Views: 1649

    Source: ArtDaily

    HONG KONG - Sotheby's Hong Kong presents a stellar line-up of artistic events in the second half of 2013 as part of its 40th anniversary celebration of its presence in Asia this year. The programme starts with a selling exhibition as well as a non-selling exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink art taking place simultaneously from 7 to 28 June at Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery, representing Sotheby’s commitment to nurturing the diversifying taste of the Asian audience and contributing to the thriving art scene of Hong Kong, the international art hub of Asia.

    New Ink - An Exhibition Of Ink Art By Post 1970 Artists From The Yiqingzhai Collection is the first non-selling exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink art from a collection of such calibre in Hong Kong, which encompasses ink paintings by 16 artists born after 1970 in Mainland China and Hong Kong, including HAO Liang, PENG Wei, YANG Yongliang, KOON Wai Bong, WONG Chung Yu and LEUNG Ka Yin Joey. Taking place alongside New Ink is a selling exhibition titled The Spirit of Ink: 12 Hong Kong Artists, which offers more than 20 works including paintings, installations and sculptures by 12 Hong Kong artists, including SU Sai Kee Angela, LEE Chin Fai Danny, KWOK Ying and WAI Bong Yu, who endeavour to express the essence of the city through the spirit of ink.

    Patti Wong, Chairman of Sotheby’s Asia says, “Sotheby's is proud to present New Ink: An Exhibition of Ink Art by Post 1970 Artists from the Yiqingzhai Collection in our Hong Kong Gallery and also as part of the year-long programme to celebrate Sotheby’s 40th anniversary in Asia. In recent years, interest in ink art has been growing both within Asia and internationally. After the success of our March exhibition at Sotheby’s New York entitled SHUIMO, which featured many first generation contemporary ink artists, New Ink provides an exciting opportunity to explore the works by a generation that is yet to be fully surveyed and understood. Our appreciation and thanks go to the Master of Yiqingzhai, David PONG Chun Yee - a long-time friend and a passionate collector who is dedicated to collecting and promoting contemporary ink - for permitting a small part of his extraordinary collection to appear in this public exhibition.”

    David PONG Chun Yee, Master of Yiqingzhai, says, “I began acquiring contemporary Chinese Ink art in the early 1990s. It has been a fascinating journey following the evolution of this genre over the past two decades. The young artists featured endeavour to capture the essence and spirit of the ink tradition using their own vocabulary and tools, collectively exemplifying the ink tradition’s ongoing passage of evolution, bound together by their common passion to convey and liberate the spirit of Ink. I would like to thank Sotheby’s for presenting New Ink: An Exhibition of Ink Art by Post 1970 Artists from the Yiqingzhai Collection. It would not have been possible without Sotheby’s generous and whole-hearted support. We hope everyone will enjoy this exhibition as much as we enjoyed putting it together.”

    Angelika Li, Gallery Director, Sotheby’s Hong Kong, says, “I am delighted to present contemporary Chinese ink art as part of Sotheby’s Hong Kong Gallery’s 2013 exhibition series. New Ink - An Exhibition Of Ink Art By Post 1970 Artists From The Yiqingzhai Collection showcases the multiplicity of young voices from the post 1970s generations. Each artist negotiates with the ink tradition and explores new artistic narratives that reflect their own visual landscape and contemporaneity. On the other hand, The Spirit Of Ink – 12 Hong Kong Artists – A Selling Exhibition - showcases works by 12 selected Hong Kong artists who express the essence of the city through the spirit of ink. A versatile genre that is essentially Asian and as relevant to the present and future as it is firmly rooted in ancient tradition, ink art comes as a natural option to grace the Gallery as part of Sotheby’s 40th anniversary celebration of our presence in Asia.”

    Synonymous with the essence of Chinese identity, the aesthetics of ink has long been revered as the manifestation of Chinese philosophy and scholarly pursuit. As the foundation of all ancient pictorial art forms, from printmaking to calligraphy and painting, the ink traditional has continued to evolve and flourish, connecting the past, present and future and inspiring works in a variety of modern media from biro and ink jet printing to video and installations. Creations of modern pioneers in the genre including Lin Fengmian (1900 – 1991), Lu Shoukun (1919 – 1975), Liu Guosong (b. 1936) and Wang Wuxie (Wucius Wong, b. 1936) have unlocked the tightly guarded door of tradition in the 1950s and 1960s, empowering generations of artists to explore the possibilities of new ink art with courage and confidence, giving rise to a rich body of works that give expression to modern urban life.

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