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      Date: 2003-03-08 17:13:42   Name: Oleg Zieaev   Canada, Toronto     ewcone.ca
    Very impressive! I liked your website along with it's content. Just glad I had a chance to look at your first painings in original 4 years ago.
    Thank you Oleg. How are you?
      Date: 2002-10-27 07:07:12   Name: Ghislaine Paquette   C     pages.infinit.net/auto/
    Beautifull paintings, sinceres et naturals, touching the bottom of my saoul!
    Peace & Love
      Date: 2002-12-03 02:13:04   Name: Beverly Fagan Gilbertson   USA     www.faganstudio.com
    Your website looks wonderful! I enjoy coming to see what you have painted new. I am enjoying the painting that I bought last year. Good luck on your painting future, I know it will be great.
      Date: 2002-09-24 01:27:46   Name: Radu   Moldova, Chisinau    
    Foarte frumos si foarte natural.
      Date: 2002-09-14 01:26:43   Name: Unchalee Junhomklai   Bangkok, Thailand     www.unchalee-j.cjb.net
    Hello there!
    Nice webpage! I like all of your arts! Anyway if you have some time.. please come and take a look on my page as well!
      Date: 2002-08-24 07:10:31   Name: Steffi   Germany     www.steffi-schott.de
    Your work is absolutely breathtaking!
    I enjoyed viewing your artwork very much.
    Best wishes
      Date: 2002-06-28 16:09:47   Name: Carol Lynn Penny   Scotland, UK    
    I don't want to mess around with words so here it is: your work is bloody amazing! (s'cuze the language).
    So many artists try to be modern, abstract and (can't forget)'cool' - tradition does not seem to be an issue. I'm from Scotland and I like tradition and 'cool' simply means cold!
    Your work is a breath of fresh air! I like!
    My art is slightly different from yours - if you have the time, I'd respect your critique!
    Was a pleasure to view your work - and to 'meet' as such. I'll be back! Take care..
      Date: 2002-06-27 15:04:40   Name: Arjan   Holland     www.vanderlaanbronze.com
    Hi , very good work you show here . I am really impressed and like to link you on our site. PLease take a look also. We have nice bronze sculptures
      Date: 2002-06-11 04:05:56   Name: Antonio   Spain    
    Thank you for making these wonderful paintings available to a wider public.
    Absolutely masterful conveyance of realism. Congratulations from Spain!!
      Date: 2002-04-30 17:04:50   Name: Emma   NJ USA    
    Sorin is the artist capable of bringing to perfection the art of capturing the moments of genuine reality. His sight is so honest and the power of his talent is so strong that everyone who has seen his great works of 99 could only agree that they are the revelations of his own memory and past: 'I've been there, I've seen that:'

    sgallery: Thanks also go out to all those having left some feedback in my guestbook or merely having
    visited my webpage. Critics are also welcomed, so please feel free to express your opinion.
    It's highly appreciated and helps to figure out and eliminate mistakes (if any).
    - Wednesday, May 01, 2002 at 04:04:50 (MSD)

    Comments: 119 / Page: [ << ][ < ][0][1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] 11 [12][ > ][ >> ]