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    What methods of payment for the order do you have at your website?
    Payment by Check and Paypal

    If I order some of the artworks, can I have a discount?
    This question must be discussed in every concrete case.

    What to do, if I don't like the received artworks?
    We guarantee money back (except postage) to the client that was not satisfied with the received painting. At the same time the client should return the art work. There is also an opportunity to exchange the art work.

    Are these pictures original ones or it's a copy of the already sold artworks?
    On web site you can find only original art works which could be copied by the author in case it was ordered by the new client (actually it happens seldom). You should tell in advance about your wish the art work you obtained would never copied in the future. We can paint a composition based on some photo received from the client but we do not account the extraction of it.

    Do you give any documents certifying the authenticity of the artwork?
    The presence of the signature of the author and painting manner proves itself the identity of the art work but in case you insist to get additional paper we can arrange it for you.

    How can I find out the prices for the artworks represented in your gallery?
    If preliminary description (on pages of the galleries) there is no info that the item was sold you can find the selling price and other details if you visit a page with a large image.
    You can also see all art works for sale there.

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