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  • Modigliani: Shock For The New $35 Million Record
    February 16, 2005 Source: www.artdaily.com

    The new record price paid for a work by Amedeo Modigliani of $35 million dollars, negotiated by art dealers Manuel de la Giraudier and Carmela de Guzmán, owners of Giraudier & Guzmán (www.manueldelagiraudier.com), has caused a great impact in the art world. We now have information that this historic transaction took place near Geneva, in Switzerland. This is the most valuable Modigliani work.

    Manuel de la Giraudier and his wife Carmela de Guzmán are already negotiating two more art works by Modigliani that have never been exhibited before. As Artdaily reported yesterday, we are not able to unveil the mystery of who sold the work or who acquired it.

    There, near Geneva, we were able to get in touch with the art dealers that achieved this record price and Manuel de la Giraudier stated in an exclusive interview to Artdaily: "Today the great art collectors continue to demand works by Amedeo Modigliani. He still is and will always be a highly valued artist in the international market. Collectors are developing and cultivating their ‘bouquet’ in painting as time goes by. Before, a great collector acquired a portrait of a young person by Modigliani. Now they only look for either his self-portrait or a great nude. Because we have to say that there are nudes and nudes and that is where a great collector has 'bouquet' and can choose the work of great quality and beauty. They know they are acquiring an exceptional work and they know they are paying the real price, as high as it may be, because if they do not pay it, they know that another collector will acquire it. I think that a great collector knows and understands that he has to pay for a great art work”

    "This world record of $35 million on the sale by Manuel de la Giraudier and Carmela de Guzmán, for a nude by Modigliani clearly sets an increase in the market prices. When an owner has an exceptional and unseen work of art he knows he can ask for the real value of the work and someone will pay for it. "

    Carmela de Guzmán participated in the interview and stated, “We have to take into account that this sublime work, that was sold for a record price, has been hanging at the home of the owner for many years and has become part of his family. Once another collector wants to acquire it it is not only for its beauty but also for its virginity.”