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Pleasure Garden To Open at Nottingham Castle
Thursday, June 2, 2004

David Burrows Flower Spill (detail)

NOTTINGHAM, UK. - Summer is the perfect time to see this amazing exhibition of contemporary art inspired by flowers, gardens and nature. Exploring our national obsession with gardening ‘Pleasure Garden’ can be seen only at Nottingham Castle from 10 July.  Whether we cultivate a huge outdoor space, window box or even a few pot plants, our urge to control and nurture nature is reflected in the artworks here.  A wide range of media including photography, copper wire sculptures and grass are used by fourteen contemporary artists to delve into the lives of plants, trees, flowers and even water sprinklers. Dan Harvey and Heather Ackroyd have been commissioned to produce an ambitious new piece for the exhibition.  A giant photograph (at least 20 foot wide) based on research carried out in Nottingham will be grown into a field of living grass covering an entire wall of the gallery, harnessing the natural process of photosynthesis. Other works in the show include delicate miniature tree sculptures, video and sound installations, a bed of exploding foam flowers, some of Nottingham Castle’s own 17th Century botanical prints and ravishing photographs of close-ups of frozen flowers that reference the female form.  There will also be large metal seedhead sculptures nestled into long grass in the Castle grounds. The exhibition features work by artists including James Ireland, David Burrows, Mike Marshall, Mr & Mrs Ivan Morison, Stephen Butler, Ruth Moilliet, Laura White, Joy Gregory, Gina Glover, Wolfgang Tilmans and Neal Rock.


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