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  • Art Lovers Excited About New Search Engine Trumalia
    19.06.2006 SAN FRANCISCO, CA

    View of Trumalia search engine.

    Trumalia, the new search engine for thinkers and art lovers, allows users to view the works of selected contemporary artists by showcasing them on its primary pages. In addition to this feature, Trumalia has created an art archive where users can learn more about the artists and view pieces at their leisure.

    Launched on Monday, May 15th, 2006, Trumalia functions as both an efficient search engine and as a game which encourages users to solve a series of riddles in order to discover the solution to one of four enigmas. Works of art are an important part of this game, and the pre-selected works are topical to the riddles they relate to, providing clues which guide the searchers in their quest.

    Though the featured artists do not take part in the game itself, Trumalia’s structure is designed to promote cultural and artistic appreciation in all its forms. Founder and CEO David Magnuson, hopes that by incorporating contemporary art into the structure of Trumalia, users will be stimulated beyond the bounds of the game itself.

    According to Magnuson, "Trumalia is for creative minds. Whether it's scrutinizing a 16th century painting featured in an enigma, or simply enjoying the work of one of our contemporary artists, our users will find themselves surrounded by art. Our audience is composed of thinkers and not just those that rely upon the linear logic of the left side of the brain”.

    Although Trumalia is a very new endeavor, it has already featured the works of thirteen artists, including Francisco Vidal, Nelly van Niewenhuijzen and Xiaoyang Galas. As it continues to add new artists each day, Trumalia looks to enrich the search experience with an aesthetic element and allow art buffs to combine functional elements with passionate pursuits.

    About Trumalia - Based in San Francisco, CA, Trumalia is a search engine with a considerable bonus feature. Hidden within the riddles, embedded code and works of art are the solutions to 4 enigmas. Three of these enigmas will lead the solver to 3 buried artifacts. In addition to the value of the artifact, each enigma carries a $1,000 cash prize. If a user solves all 4 enigmas, they will have the opportunity to win the Grand Prize, a sizeable pot of cash which increases with each day the mysteries remain unsolved.