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Fifth Centennial of Michelangelo’s David Celebrated
September 9, 2004

Michelangelo / David

  FLORENCE, ITALY. - The city of Florence is celebrating the fifth centennial of Michelangelo’s David. Exactly five centuries ago this work of art as unveiled. The city of Florence is hosting a series of activities to celebrate this. There ill be dance and musical performances and public debates about the depiction of David. The first event takes place today, Wednesday, at Palazzo Vecchio. Actress Lucia Poli will read the 16th-century chronicles by Giorgio Vasari and Luca Landucci, the two well-known Florence artists who witnessed the unveiling of the statue before Florence’s citizenry on Sept. 8, 1504.

Besides concerts and workshops, the highlight of the celebrations will be an exhibition of contemporary art on Nov. 29, when sculptors George Baselitz of Germany, Luciano Fabro of Italy, Jannis Kounellis of Greece, Robert Morris of the United States and German photographer Thomas Struth will present their works inspired by David.

Their works will be exhibited in the Accademia gallery, the venue where the marble homage to male beauty has been on view since 1873, drawing 1.2 million visitors a year.



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