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    September 2, 2005 LONDON, ENGLAND.

    Children of Jerusalem - Painting Pain, Dreaming Peace

    Ben Uri Gallery is proud to present a unique and remarkable exhibition of art by Isreali & Palestinian children 4th – 23rd December 2005; working together – painting their pain together whilst dreaming of peace together. Launched to international acclaim in Jerusalem it travelled to Geneva and now to London at the Ben Uri.

    Over a two-year period the children participated in workshops led by Israeli and Palestinian artists and the paintings they produced show how art can build a bridge between people and nations.

    “When I met the kids from the other group I felt a bit tense and uncomfortable but then I saw that it’s not so bad” Omri, 4th Grade (9yrs old)

    “I was very happy because this is the first time that I cooperate with people from another religion” Firas 6th Grade (11yrs old)

    The paintings sometimes show shocking images of conflict but the children’s work has also expressed their longing for peace and the joy of working together. Animosity and fear is shown by both groups but the paintings also reveal remarkably similar aspirations for a better future.

    "I imagine that there will be peace so that when I walk down the street I’m not afraid of being kidnapped or beat up. I want peace so that when I walk past them [Palestinians], the fear will disappear, no one would fear each other and that we live in peace without wars” Bar 5th Grade (10yrs old)

    “I wanted to win but now I want peace” Bassam 5th Grade (10yrs old)

    This art project was implemented jointly by the Institute for the Study of Religions and Communities in Israel and the East Jerusalem Department of the Social Activities Branch in the Jerusalem Municipality with the goal of encouraging and enhancing brotherhood between cultures in Jerusalem. The art teachers involved were Aliza Cohen from the Ramat Moriah Community School and Issam Sabbah from the Paley Center for the Arts.