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  • Sotheby's Swiss Art Sale in Zurich
    November 09, 2004 GENEVA.

    Cuno Amiet. Selbstbildnis vor Garten, a self-portrait from 1921.

    The Swiss Art Sale held by Sotheby's in Zurich will take place on Monday 29th November 2004 at 6.30pm. Organised by Urs Lanter, specialist in Swiss art, the sale includes more than 150 lots - paintings, sculptures and works on paper - with a pre-sale estimate of CHF 4'300'000 - 6'000'000. Highlights of the sale will include works by the most famous Helvetian artists including Felix Vallotton, Augusto Giacometti, Giovanni Giacometti and Cuno Amiet. Among the other outstanding artists included are Albert Anker, Adolf Dietrich, Ferdinand Hodler, Robert Zund, Alexandre Calame, Jacques-Laurent Agasse, Gottfried Honegger, Verena Loewensberg and Benjamin Vautier.

    Felix Vallotton - Felix Vallotton is a Swiss painter whose important works are arousing increased interest among international collectors. Born in Lausanne in 1865, he studied in Paris where he struck up a friendship with Edouard Vuillard. He chose to live in France but always remained fond of his native country. The highlight of this sale is Baigneuses, sous-bois. This painting illustrates Vallotton's artistic maturity. Having been on view to the public in many exhibitions, it is a very rare example of a «paysage compose» for which Felix Vallotton became famous. Baigneuses, sous-bois depicts an intimate scene: a naked woman with her child stands in a pond surrounded by trees during a summer evening. A second female nude sits on the shore drying her body with a white cloth (est. CHF 600'000-800'000).

    Cuno Amiet - Cuno Amiet is, with Giovanni and Augusto Giacometti, regarded as one of the most avant-garde artists in Swiss art. Cuno Amiet met Giovanni Giacometti in 1886 at the School of Decorative Arts in Munich. Two years later they left for Paris. Then, in 1892, Cuno Amiet stayed at Pont-Aven where he met Paul Gauguin's followers. He returned the following year to Switzerland where he made friends with Ferdinand Hodler. In 1898, he settled with his wife in Oschwand, in the canton of Bern, and pursued his international career. Four paintings by the artist will be offered in the sale : Selbstbildnis vor Garten, a self-portrait from 1921 (est. CHF 80'000-120'000) ; Fruchtestilleben, a still life with apples produced in 1910 (est. CHF 150'000-200'000) ; Winterlandschaft, a winter landscape of 1929 (estimate: CHF200'000-250'000), and Fruhling (Oschwand) painted in 1935 (est. CHF 90'000-140'000). From the 1920s until his death in 1961 in Oschwand, Cuno Amiet painted almost exclusively joyful and idyllic landscapes.

    Giovanni and Augusto Giacometti - Collectors of works by Augusto Giacometti will have the opportunity to acquire a large painting called Kinderfries (estimate : CHF300'000-500'000) which was originally part of a monumental composition made for a children's home in Zurich. Works by his cousin, Giovanni Giacometti, include a selection of landscapes: Silsersee mit Corvatsch (est. CHF 220'000-280'000), Winterlandschaftn (est. CHF 150'000-200'000) and Nachtlandschaft (est. CHF 150'000-200'000); and two figurative paintings : Madchen am Brunnen, (est. CHF150'000-200'000) and Halma, which shows a woman playing chess (est. CHF 120'000-180'000).

    Adolf Dietrich - From an early age, Adolf Dietrich has always painted and drawn. It was only in 1913, when he was 36 years of age, that he exhibited for the first time. Nine years later he was officially recognised with a large exhibition held at the Kunsthalle of Mannheim. This artist's work principally includes portraits, landscapes and still lifes. Blumenstilleben mit Totenkopfschwarmer (1928) is an exquisite example (est. CHF 120'000-180'000).

    The 19th century : Albert Anker and Robert Zund - Albert Anker is represented in the sale with Madchenbildnis, a portrait estimated at CHF120'000-160'000. Gebirgsbach mit Burgruine, an oil on canvas painted by Robert Zund (est. CHF 120'000-150'000) is a fine example of 19th-century classical painting

    The second half of the 20th century - Works painted in the second half of the 20th century include several examples of the movement called « Zurcher Konkrete » : Ohne Titel produced in 1975 by Verena Loewensberg (est. CHF 18'000-25'000) and Z? 843 by Gottfried Honegger painted in 1980 (est. CHF 28'000-35'000).