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  • Hitler watercolours fetch modest prices on eBay

    Vienna -- Original watercolours by Adolf Hitler are going for a few thousand euros on the Austrian page of the auction website eBay, press reports said yesterday.

    A painting titled Muenchen, (Munich) bearing the signature of the Nazi dictator and described by the seller as a "rarity", was put up for auction on Monday at an asking price of ˆ2,100 (roughly $2,900) on eBay.at.

    Another watercolour by Hitler, titled Bad Gastein, received at least 25 bids before selling for more than ˆ4,500 euros on Tuesday, according to the daily Der Standard.

    Austrian-born Hitler famously had ambitions to become an artist before leading the Nazi Party to power in Germany in 1933. His production of paintings and sketches was prolific but experts see little artistic merit in them and major auction-houses shy away from them because of their author's bloodstained career. AFP